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Registered Student Organization (RSO) Solicitation 

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) manages the following solicitation locations for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs):

  • Communication Building East Lobby
  • Communication Building North Lobby
  • Faner Main Breezeway (Outdoor Location)
  • Faner South (Outdoor Location)
  • Lawson Grass (Outdoor Location)
  • Life Science II
  • Neckers Lobby
  • Quigley 1st Floor
  • Wham/Pulliam Hallway
  • Agriculture Lobby/Breezeway (Ag RSOs only)
  • Engineering Building - Tech C (Engineering RSOs only)
  • Engineering Building - Tech D (Engineering RSOs only)

Solicitation times are limited to Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm when the university is open for business. Solicitation permits must be requested 3 business days in advance of the desired date/time of the solicitation event. During the solicitation, the permit must be placed on the table in plain view (groups will receive this from the Office of Student Engagement) and no amplified sound may be used. No solicitation may block entry or exit points. A member of the group must be present at all times and any proceeds must be deposited in the RSO account within 1 day of the solicitation event. For food dales as a part of solicitation, RSOs must follow the following guidelines:

  • Student Organizations must use Pepsi products
  • Student Organizations may sell or hand out: Commercially pre-packaged food (candy, gum, individual chips, etc.)
  • Student Organizations may not sell or hand out: Purchased outside vendor food to be resold. Use charcoal, gas or electric grills. Sell/distribute items that must keep temperature such a meat (walking tacos, hotdogs, etc.).

In order to complete your request for a solicitation permit, please contact the Office of Student Engagement at 618/453-5714 or Space is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Student Center Solicitation

Registered Student Organizations, departments and off-campus organizations can also reserve solicitation space in the Student Center by following Student Center soliciation guidelines

Other Solicitation 

All other solicitation requests for campus must following appropriate solicitation guidelines as outlined through SIU policies

Outdoor Space

For departments and off-campus organizations requesting outdoor space, please contact the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance’s office at 618/453-2474 or email Registered student organizations requesting outdoor space, please contact the Student Center at 618/453-3769 or email This excludes the free forum area, Student Services Pavilion, as well as Student Center, Recreational Sports and Athletics’ outdoor areas. In order to complete your request for space, please fill out this form.